I have a diagnosis of psychopathy/malignant narcissism. For over 10 years I have sort help and support & received none. I have contacted liberty and most if not all human rights lawyers in the country who have been of no assistance. An advocate/witness is desperately needed. How can it be right to give a hypothetical diagnosis of such severity and stigma and not engage with the patient ? How can it be right to be subjected to laws such as dangerous and severe personality disorder act & not be informed ? To be subjected to information sharing and not be informed and to have that power used to harass by spreading lies ?If there are any legal people or qualified health care professionals who can explain something about this I would be greatful. The fact that the NHS can diagnose like this without any accountability at all is bizarre. The diagnosis I believe is false & merely a tool used by state agency’s to bully and harass. I believe I have good evidence to support my claim but I am prevented from presenting it to any one who matters.

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