John Esson

I had just moved to a new area after reporting historic sexual abuse where the police lied about the ability to investigate. After my initial report to local police I received a letter a few days later stating my case would be allocated to an officer who would very shortly make themselves known to me. The reason I reported this incident of sexual abuse was because the person had taken me to an address which I had remembered. They also stated they worked in the music industry and evidence around the flat seemed to support that. I thought it highly likely that the sex offender had done this before and here was an address which other people may have also reported. Three months later and I had heard nothing. So I chased it up. I was told it was given to a DC Eames at Notting Hill sometime ago. I was given a phone number for DC Eames so I called. DC Eames said they would be unable to investigate my report because data protection would prevent them from establishing who had lived at the property. BOLLOX .That is an outright lie. If that was the case why had DC Eames not contacted me earlier ? I made a complaint which was never answered fully. so more complaints ensued. They then wanted an ABE interview. “Achieving best evidence” is a filmed interview. I am suspicious of this interview as I believe some of the information I gave during it is being used to harass me.

So here I am in a new area while a police complaint is still supposedly being looked at in london. I got a painter and decorator from the local paper to hang wall paper.

He was a very busy, nervous, chatty man called John Esson. While working he sexualised our conversation. Then he mentioned the historic sex abuse investigations that were being reported in the press about jimmy saville and others. I told him I had made a report and the police were fuckin useless. He then said he knew a 14 year old girl who was “up for it” A very shocking thing to say & to hear. He did not say this in jest as a bad joke. He then mentioned him and his daughter had secrets. Feeling like if I reported this to the police they would not take it seriously I decided to get him to talk about it at a time when I could record the conversation. I had arranged with him to lay wooden flooring at a later date. I tried to record him a couple of times but he wasn’t talking. I then decided to call him and confront him about it.

I reported this to the police straight after the call. They were not interested at all. I tried a number of times to report it but no interest. I asked the police if they wanted to hear the recording, they did not. I offered to make a hard copy and take it into the local station, they were not interested. so I made a hard copy and tried to hand it in. They refused to take it. I reported it to the Plymouth herald as he was advertising there. They asked me to go in so they could listen to the recording. They did nothing. Did not pull his advert.

I think the police still cover up historic sexual abuse and try to silence the abuse victims they want to silence by using harassment like this.

This is not the first time I have encountered this sort of thing since my report of historic abuse. And I have other evidence.

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