I have read a lot on psychopathy. A diagnoses I have been given by the NHS. I disagree with the diagnoses. It is as stigmatizing diagnosis as anyone could ever get. It leads rightly or wrongly to state interference in your personal life on the grounds of public safety & I believe breaches many fundamental human rights.

Of course if the state says you are a psychopath it must be true. We all know the state doesn’t lie. Oh wait. Actually the state lies a lot and it has be proven to do so. Do Doctors ever make a mistake ? Are they accountable ?

Of course no one is going to feel any empathy or sympathy for a psychopath are they ? Which of course is a psychopathic trait, the lacking of empathy. So when you hear someone is a psychopath does it make YOU a little more psychopathic ?

If a psychopath tells you a truth about their life such as childhood sexual abuse, a rape, physical abuse, torture, harassment you may well dismiss these as being lies or an attempt to manipulate you into feeling sympathetic towards them rather than someone telling you some traumatising truths.

Being labeled a psychopath is in reality a complete negation of a human being and it is all you need to hear about someone to perpetuate that negation..

I have read in a number of academic papers that there is a physical test for psychopathy the FMRI an certain type of MRI brain scan.

So why do we readily accept the word of a psychiatrist alone when a physical test is available. What if the psychiatrist got it wrong ?

I have asked the NHS numerous times about this test. Like all questions I have asked of the NHS in the last decade or so I have not received an answer. I have also approached private health care company’s willing to pay for the scan and test myself. No one has the type of MRI scanner to do the test apparently.


Imagine if you were diagnosed as a psychopath and the world only viewed you as a list of blaming very negative traits and you were considered dangerous. Imagine everyone treating you like you were those traits only for 10 years. You might start questioning your own sense of self. If this was a relationship it would be a criminal offense. It would be an abusive psychological technique called gaslighting. It would be very harmful and abusive. You might feel attacked from all sides. That may effect how you see others. You might get angry, frustrated. And rightly so. Although the gaslighter would now point at you and say ” see, there, I told you about them.” How ridiculous.

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