Criminologist & Ex prison Governor Professor David Wilson

Wilson played a part in the release of Paul Brumfitt a double murderer.

Paul Brumfitt, 44, was jailed for life at Birmingham Crown Court, after being convicted of killing teenage prostitute Marcella Ann Davis at his home in Woodsetton, near Dudley, in February 1999. * Brumfitt, who was jailed at the Old Bailey in 1980 for beating to death a shopkeeper in Tilbury, Essex, and strangling a bus driver in Denmark, was also convicted today of raping a second prostitute at knifepoint.

Criminologist David Wilson has done many tv programmes on British serial killers. But has yet to visit the case of Paul Brumfitt. I doubt many have heard of Brumfitt & Internet searches surprisingly reveals very little about him or his case.

He did make the papers being a double murderer. He made the papers again because he killed just four years after release making him a serial killer with a life sentence in between murders. Obviously some questions were asked as to why he was released but other than that there is very little information on the murders he committed.

I met Brumfitt in prison In HMP Grendon a couple of years before he was released. I worked with Brumfitt. Just me and him alone, unsupervised.

I also met Professor David Wilson shortly before release. It was an unusual meeting for a number of reasons, not least because I am not a sex offender & apparently he was head of the sex offender treatment program. The purpose of the meeting seemed to be so Wilson could discreetly threaten me.

Brumfitt may of course have gone on to kill again. I think that highly likely. I would not have released him & I thought that at the time. David Wilson would have played a significant role in Brumfitts release which is something you don’t hear about and something wilson never mentions. He is very silent on Paul Brumfitt.

There is I believe secret & possibly illegal policing going on in the uk for people deemed a danger to the public. I have been subjected to it. I believe Brumfitt was also subjected to it and I believe it played a significant part in the murder of Marcella Ann Davis.

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