As mentioned in earlier posts the nature of the harassment I receive increases when I write publicly about some of my experiences and I expected a rise in level when I started this blog. Yesterday I was informed my housing association would be seeking possession of my home, this will make me homeless. The grounds for this action are laughable and paper thin.

The purpose of this threat has many purposes. First I am supposed to be concentrating on fighting for my home and battling to keep it rather than writing about things someone doesn’t want me to write about. second it is to induce high levels of stress. Who wants to be homeless in winter when they have a number of debilitating health conditions that can be slightly managed with a roof over your head and when you receive no health care from the NHS. Third it is to create fear surrounding the loss of valuable & treasured possessions. And perhaps finally just a warning and threat that on massively over exaggerated unreasonable grounds we can trump up charges to show we control every area of your life.

On top of that I have had more threatening behavior from groups of taser armed police while doing things that are completely lawful. Perhaps the information sharing that I imagine in my paranoid little world but actually happens and can be found by making subject access requests went something like this. Hello housing association this is the police. Can you threaten this tenant with eviction as he is playing up again. Oh what is he doing officer ? He is blogging again and accusing us of covering up sexual abuse and corruption. Leave it with us officer.

Shut up and get back in your hole.

I wont shut up. Not ever. sorry about the inconvenience. If you approve of this use of tax payers money please let me know why in the comments. Many thanks.

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